Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Pillow Police

“I prefer that you don’t do that,” said the Bed Bath and Beyond guy. 

All I was trying to do was test drive a pillow.  On the floor. 

Because, guess what?  It’s impossible to tell how a pillow is going to work by resting your head on it.  While you’re standing up.

Because, guess what? 

I don’t sleep standing up.

That's OK, Mr. Bed Bath and Beyond Pillow Police Czar.  I really couldn’t tell how the pillow was going to work by laying on the floor, anyhow.  

Because, guess what?  

I don’t sleep on a stinkin’ floor.  

I sleep on a bed.

So fine, Mr. Bed Bath and Beyond Pillow Police Czar.  I will get off your rock hard floor!!!

I stood up, brushed the dust off my pants and carried the pillow out of the pillow department.

Into the bedding department.   

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