Sunday, November 8, 2015

A GoGirl for a GoGirl

I had to look twice.  I wasn't at all sure what I was looking at.

It was a cross between a sippy cup.....and a port-a-potty?

OMG!  It’s a  GoGirl for toddlers.  

I read the product description.
Whether in the supermarket, hospital, highway, park, department stores, car and other public places or Restroom queue row when they are ready to give the baby use, to prevent the baby urine trousers. 

So.  Let me get this straight.  To prevent the baby urine trousers, she just has to pee into the green miniature GoGirl. 

No longer let baby urgency find toilet, this not only leak proof and anti odor. but also could be anywhere in the bag to carry and use. 

Wow. I will no longer let baby urgency find toilet.  (Huh?It doesn't leak or smell.  And I can carry it anywhere in the bag.  To use!
I looked at it more closelyIt seems to me that, in order to prevent the baby urine trousers, she would not just have to pee into the green GoGirlShe would have to aim for the orange circle.  That looks to be the size of a Cheeto. 

Although I trust that any and all pee that finds its way through the orange spiked circle and into the belly of the mouse puppy elephant will not spill.  

I'm not aware of any girl under the age of 3 who can accurately aim her urine and hit that target.  Without significant splatter.  

Hell!  I couldn't do it.  And I'm 39!

Shut up. 

You know what this product needs? 

A GoGirl!
And is it just me, or does that mouse puppy elephant look a little bit too happy?  
For crying out loud, he's about to get a mouth full of pee. 

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