Sunday, September 14, 2014

Barbie's Makeover

Barbie’s been pouting for weeks.  Ever since that Ice Bucket Challenge.  Apparently, she thinks I messed up her hair.

Just because it had a few leaves in it.  And dirt.  And blades of grass.

For the record, there was absolutely no dog poop present.

I was so sick of all that whining that I decided to give Barbie a makeover at the Nerdling Hair Salon (That's how considerate I am.)

Don’t worry, Barbie.  I’m a gifted hair stylist.

I shampooed her hair, successfully removing all yard debris.  I then applied fabric softener to make her hair silky.

After combing and blow-drying Barbie's hair, I decided that it was just too stinkin’ long.  As Al Gore once said, "You should never be able to sit on your own hair."

So I got out my scissors and went to work.  I used all kinds of interesting angles and styling strategies.  I call this the "RPM" (Retro-Punk-Mullett):

And I think she looks beautiful. 

Except that blond is so unoriginal.  Barbie needed some highlights.  I went to Food Lion for some Kool-Aid.

It brings tears to my eyes.

For some reason Barbie was not at all happy with her new do.  And I’m getting sick of her attitude.   I feel very unappreciated. 

I think I’ll get started on my next project.

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