Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Incredible Shrinking Face

When I saw the ad for the Kogao! Double Face Mask I knew I needed to have one.  Immediately.  If not sooner.

For you see, having a smaller face is a symbol of beauty in Japan.  And I need all the beauty symbols I can get. 

According to the advertising: "the mask has been cleverly designed to apply pressure all across your visage and help keep your skin and muscles firm and youthful."

Clearly this Japanese beauty product will make my visage vibrant!

Allow me to interrupt this blog for a moment of academic enlightenment: Kogao means "small head" in Japan.  (I take pride in increasing my readers' IQs, one blog at a time.)

You're welcome.

The Kogao! Double Face Mask sells for $43 (plus shipping and handling) on the Japan Trend Shop web site.  

I'm sure few readers will be surprised to hear that I made my own Kogao! Double Face Mask.  But what will surprise (and impress you) is that I didn't even have to drive to The Dollar store to do so.

I used materials I found around the house. 

I created the mask using fabric left over from Kevin's Doggone Thong.


And I made the straps from a very cute but lonely orphan sock and a couple pieces of Velcro.

Call me old-fashioned, but I believe it is important to look good while you're shrinking your face.  You be the judge.  Which  looks more attractive?  The original?

Or the Nerdling version?


And I think it's working!  My head feels much smaller already, after just one bath!


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