Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Neglecting Your Esthetique

I have been searching online for a Father's Day gift for Dave. But the man needs nothing.  I mean, he's got me. What else could he possibly want (besides this shirt)? 

But I was hoping to find something special for him.  I searched Amazon.com, Target.com, Homedepot.com. Nothing.

Then I remembered the Japan Trend shop.


I found the perfect Father's Day gift for Dave.  It's not only unique, but it is designed to pamper the man in your life: The Akaishi Men's Alumi Head Spa.  According to the product description:

Men need to treat their hair well too and should never neglect their own esthetique. This Alumi Head Spa brings the therapeutic benefits of a sauna to your scalp, strengthening your hair and the quality of its sheen. It will clean out the pores and roots of your scalp, all by reflecting and returning the naturally released far-infrared rays from your body back onto your head.

OMG! Dave should never neglect his own esthetique! He needed an Akaishi Men's Alumi Head Spa.

But it was $41 plus shipping.

I know what you're thinking. "Lou, can you make your own Akaishi Men's Alumi Head Spa with materials you buy at the Dollar Store?"

OF COURSE I CAN! And it will be even more esthetique than the Akaishi Men's Alumi Head Spa.

Surprisingly, the Nerdling Alumi Head Spa required only two items from the Dollar Store: an aluminum pie plate and aluminum foil. 

I measured Dave's head when he was in a TV trance, and went to work. Voila!

Except the Nerdling Alumi Head Spa was somewhat boring. Certainly not up to my high Nerdling standards. So I added a mustache, nose and glasses. Fabulous!

I was so pleased with the outcome that I nearly peed my pants. There was no way I could wait until Father's Day. So I gave it to Dave tonight.

Guess what.  

He hated it!

Apparently, tin foil wrapped around his head makes him claustrophobic. 

What a wimp.

Yes, Dave decided to neglect his esthetique.

But what could I do with my prototype Nerdling Alumi Head Spa now that it had been shunned by my wimpy husband?

Let's just say that my creative juices flowed again. With the help of my dryer lint collection, I added hair and eyebrows to my Nerdling Alumi Head Spa. The final touch? A Carolina hat.

And now Kevin has a new play mate. And, for the record, Kevin would never neglect his esthetique.

He wants to look good for Rollerblade Barbie.


  1. Time to put this in to production!love it :)

  2. Since Mark has had his "horseshoe haircut" since he was 19, I guess it's too late for him. Ah, well....Maybe your blog will inspire other wives to get busy before it's too late!