Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Multi-tasking Miracle

I will concur that the Wine Necklace is a functional piece of jewelry. In fact, it's the most utilitarian accessory since the advent of the cell phone rendered the watch obsolete.

Sure, you can carry your Chardonnay around your neck, eat appetizers and chew gum at the same time.

But it's a pretty ugly piece of jewelry, in my humble opinion.

I know what you're thinking. Can Lou make her own version of the Wine Necklace that is not only functional, but attractive?

Of course I can.

I cannot take complete credit for the design. I found a pattern on the internet. I carefully selected fabric from my immense inventory of incomplete sewing projects and got to work.

(Forgive me as I slip into song, to the tune of Old McDonald) 
"A Snip snip here. A Stitch Stitch there. Here a thread, there a thread, everywhere a band aid."

And voila!

But something was missing. Sure it was attractive. Way more attractive than the one above. But it needed something.

A mustache.

So, not only is the Incognito Nerdling Wine Necklace as functional as the original Wine Necklace, allowing you to carry your Chardonnay around your neck and eat appetizers and chew gum at the same time....

It also acts as a disguise.

Except for one problem.

One teeny, tiny usability issue.

When I tried to drink out of the glass with the mustache against my lips, the wine poured down the front of my shirt (since the mustache is at the far side of the wine glass rim.)  Oops.

Then I had my a-ha moment.

I can have my hands free Chardonnay and a mustache disguise without the Wine Necklace.

All I need is my Wine Rack.

And for those readers who have no idea what my Wine Rack is, read the posting to the left: Test Driving the Wine Rack.

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