Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sit on them Too!

I shouldn't have been surprised at the Oppai Pillow. I mean, it was for sale on the same web site that sells products like the Shouting Vase, the Beauty Voice Trainer, and the Beauty Lift High Nose.

No, I should not have been the least bit shocked to see a pillow shaped like the torso of a well developed female on the Japan Trend Shop web site.

I read the product description:

Resting your head on a gentle, yielding, giant bosom is a pleasure no one should be without. This Oppai Pillow is made of soft memory foam, for the perfect combination of supple and supportive. Not only is it the only pillow you'll ever need, but you can also use it as a cushion- you can have your breasts and sit on them, too!

Wow!  I can have my breasts and sit on them, too!

But, come on!  $79 for a boob pillow? 

That's way out of my budget. Especially when I can make my own: my extra cushy Nerdling version of the Oppai Pillow.

All I needed was a bra. And if I wanted my Nerdling Oppai Pillow to be exceptionally cushy, the bra had to be barn sized.

(At the risk of shocking my readers, none of the women in my household own barn-sized bras.)

Much to my disappointment, the Dollar Store does not sell lingerie.  So I headed off to GoodWill to check out their inventory. Nothing.

But WalMart did not disappoint me.  They carried a wide variety of triple letter bra sizes.  I purchased a very lovely model that fit perfectly on my pillow!

It not only looked great on the bed, but also on the chair in the family room.  Martha Stewart would be so proud.

And it only cost $9.00!

The problem came when I decided to test drive the Nerdling Oppai Pillow. 

You see, it completely creeped me out

You could give me the cushiest 42 DD WalMart stuffed bra in the universe and I wouldn't be able to relax in it.



 I am a stinkin' Marketing Genius.

Introducing the Nerdling Oppai Pillow with Wine Rack! 

Available soon at a mall kiosk near you.

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  1. Only you Lou! I actually snorted laughing reading this.