Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Sumo Warrier Princess

I don't know about you, but I’m getting tired of the same old boring product line at Victoria's Secret. 

Sure they sell  Cheekies, Cheekinis, and  V-Strings. 

But I have not seen one stinkin' fundoshi on their shelves.

Even the Japan Trend Shop, which is not exactly your go-to source for lingerie, sells  Fundoshi Panties Loincloth Underwear for Women.

 Traditionally, fundoshi are worn by sumo wrestlers,  but there is a growing movement in Japan to "reclaim them as the undergarments of choice for regular folk too."  

Maybe Victoria's Secret didn't get the memo.  You don't have to be a sumo wrestler to wear a fundoshi!

Unfortunately, fundoshi are not cheap: $100 for 2-pack set on the Japan Trend Shop web site.  

Way out of my blog budget.

The good news is that I had the perfect purple pillow case in my linen closet waiting for the opportunity to be transformed into a piece of sexy lingerie.

I was able to replicate the Fundoshi Panties Loincloth on the Japan Trend Shop.  And my Nerdling Fundoshi is, indeed, quite comfortable.

But, I'm sorry.  I do NOT feel at all like a sumo wrestler while sporting my fundoshi.  I needed the real thing, not some girlie clone. 

To that end, I googled "how to make a fundoshi" and found these step by step instructions:

So I cut up another purple pillow case and went to work.  


It was like a damn IQ test.  But after 2 Advil and a glass of wine I was successful.

 Lou.   Sumo-Warrier Princess.

I'm way too sexy for my fundoshi.  

Oh.   I heard Victoria's Secret is looking for new models.  Don't hold breath, Victoria.

I'm not sure you can afford me.

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  1. The Fundoshi is meant to be warn under not over cloths, or by itself.