Sunday, June 8, 2014

Napping with Dignity

I don't get it!

The Japanese are usually 5 steps ahead of us when it comes to product innovation.  

But somebody dropped the ball on this one. 

My Dome Pal Travel Sleeping Hood helps people catch up on shut-eye in public.  It is apparently quite effective at masking the embarrassing mouth dribble and jaw drop that accompanies most people who sleep sitting up.

I said "most people".  That has never happened to me.

With due apologies to any of my readers who lisp, does anyone besides me see a serious safety issue with this thingamajig?  Such as suffocation? 

I don't know about you, but I like to wake up from my public naps with as many brain cells as I had when I first closed my eyes.

Then there's the aesthetics. 

The My Dome Pal Travel Sleeping Hood comes in 4 colors: green, gray, pink, and purple.


What would you rather be sporting while taking a public nap?  A green, gray, pink, or purple bag over your head...

Or a Snazzy Napper?
The Snazzy Napper is much more fashion forward.  That sheep wearing sunglasses is stinkin' adorable.  

And the Snazzy Napper is functional!  It actually has slot for you to breathe!   There is no way that woman will die of suffocation while wearing her Snazzy Napper(She may die in a car accident, but she will not asphyxiate.)

If aesthetics and safety aren't enough to convince you, the price might.  The My Dome Pal Travel Sleeping Hood sells
on the Japan Trend Shop Web site for $70 plus shipping and handling . The Snazzy Napper is a fraction of that cost ($14.99).

Or, you could get the Nerdling Dome Pal Travel Sleeping Hood for just $9.99.  

Complete with breathing window. 

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