Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sagonize No More!

OK, Ladies. Listen up.  How would you like to have your own personal breast sculptor?  If so, I have the perfect product for you. 

The Breast Gymnastics Hand Massager.

It is truly an amazing innovation, brought to you by, you guessed it, the Japan Trend Shop. 

The Breast Gymnastics Hand Massager is shaped like a lady's hand.  But not just any lady!  Takiko Shindo! 

Can you believe it!  Takiko Shindo!  THE Takiko Shindo! 

OK, I realize that not all of you are up on Japanese superstars.  Takiko Shindo is a celebrity midwife from Japan!   Those crazy Japanese just can't get enough of her. 

According to the product description, "The
Breast Gymnastics Hand Massager is special massager to help shape and tone your bust into a better form. If you agonize about a sagging bust, don't worry. You are not alone!"

(It's so good to know I'm not the only one agonizing about my sagging bust.)

The Breast Gymnastics Hand Massager cost $45 plus shipping and handling.  OMG!  That's nine bucks a finger!

Being a cheapskate an entrepreneur,  I decide to explore other options.  And I'm happy to report that I found a Breast Gymnastics Hand Massager at the Dollar Store for only $1.00.

And it had 10 fingers! 

It's pretty easy to operate.  

And fun, too!

OMG! The results are amazing.


And guess what else!

My Nerdling Breast Gymnastics Hand Massager can be re-purposed.  

It makes an excellent pasta spoon.

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