Sunday, February 13, 2011

Attending to Details

I have a new job! It's a very important job. I'm a "Personal Attendant to the Bride" It's the most important job in the entire wedding (not counting the bride and groom).

When my friend (now boss) Becca offered me the position, I accepted it right way, even though I didn't really understand the job requirements. I only knew that the benefits were outstanding: I get to be in the wedding party without wearing a bridesmaid dress!

I've since conducted some research and uncovered the PAB job description:

  1. help the bride transport her gown and attire
  2. help her dress
  3. hold a touch-up/emergency bag for her-lipstick, breath mints, Tylenol, safety pins, deodorant/perfume, wine etc. (I added the wine part)
  4. field messages for her at home/ceremony site so she isn't interrupted for every little thing
  5. protect her privacy/quiet time pre-ceremony
  6. take messages/gifts to the groom
  7. various "go-fer" duties--

But I'm adding one more item to the description. I'm going to do something very special for Becca and Brendon that may otherwise slip through the cracks.

It's my honor and duty as PAB.

You see, planning a wedding is a very complicated process. There are numerous details to arrange and coordinate: booking the church, finding the reception venue, selecting a caterer, ordering the cake, hiring a photographer, booking the musicians, to name a few.

Becca even has to make decisions regarding pew bows (which come in all colors and sizes).

I'm afraid that Brendon and Becca may be forgetting something very important. Again, as PAB I will attend to those details for them.

I know you're all probably very curious about what those details are.

First, I've found a beautiful dress for Brendon's dog Bella to wear as she walks down the aisle:

Secondly, I learned that Becca was considering using Kevin as a ring bearer, but didn't want to impose. 

I am not only allowing Kevin to be the ring bearer, but I've found the perfect ring bearer pillow which, coincidentally, matches Becca's dress!

I know you are all probably speechless by now.  I have even amazed myself.  

But I'm only doing my job.  Remember....I am the Personal Attendant to the Bride. 

And with my help, this wedding is going to be stinkin' unforgettable!

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