Thursday, April 15, 2010

Poor Kevin

He was unsuspecting. Just like Gilligan and his shipmates on the Minnow who went on a "4-hour tour". Kevin went for an innocent car ride yesterday morning with not a care in the world. He came home 8 hours later minus 4 baby teeth and 2 teeny testicles and with a new microchip implanted in his shoulder. 

The vet gave Kevin pain medication for his discomfort.

But that's not all she gave him. She gave Kevin a lovely doggie lampshade, to prevent him from licking his wounds. And he is supposed to wear it for 10 days.

Kevin does not like this lampshade. The vet said he would get used to it, but Kevin would trade his left nut to get rid of it. Of course, he doesn't have one to trade, so he's stuck with the lampshade.

Truth be told, we took it off him about an hour after he got home. It was a judgment call. We decided that he was far more likely to injure himself bumping into walls and tripping down stairs than he would be by licking his incision. (It also helps to litter the floor with distractions like dirty socks and used Kleenex.) 

Now, just in case Kevin starts to get self conscious about his missing anatomy, I have researched a solution. Neuticles. Yes, they make artificial testicles for dogs.

On second thought, he'd probably have to wear a lampshade after Neuticle surgery. 

I'll send him to a doggie shrink instead.

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