Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Developing Healthy Lifestyles

I was taking a walk with Kevin on Christmas day when I noticed them: the two kids riding brand new bikes down the sidewalk.  The boy was about 8.  His sister no older than 6.  They made me smile.

Bikes under the Christmas tree.  A rarity in this day and age of electronics and gadgets that have proliferated the shopping season.

These kids were getting exercise rather than sitting around on their butts, playing on some expensive new devices.

My smile broadened as they got closer.  Clearly the offspring of outstanding parents.  Parent who understand the importance of exercise and helping kids develop healthy lifestyles.

These parents deserve medals.

As the boy passed me on the sidewalk I heard him say, "Mom, how far can I go?"  I looked around to see the mom.  (I had to sneak a peek at this June Cleaver of 2016.)

I didn't see her.

"Turn around at the bus stop," she said loudly and clearly.

What?  Where was she?

As the little girl approached me on her bike she said, "Mom, can I go with Brice?"

I looked around again.  What was she, Casper the invisible mom?

And from the iWatch on the girl's left arm came the response, "Okay, but be careful."

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