Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kevin's coprophagia

My apologies, in advance, for this entry.

Kevin, our new pup has begun to exhibit signs of coprophagia. I personally think it should be called crapophagia.. or perhaps crapomania.

If you haven't yet figured it out, coprophagia is "the consumption of feces"... or poop. Coprophagia is very common among elephants, pandas, koalas and hippos. Gorillas and chimps also find poop palletizing.

But Kevin? Please, not my sweet, face-licking Kevin.

Apparently coprophagia is a behavior commonly observed in dogs. I first suspected Kevin's coprophagia when he was carrying what I thought was a stick in his mouth on a walk. He seemed more passionate about this particular stick compared to the thousands of other sticks he carries around. When I started to remove it from his mouth, well let's just say it was obvious that it was not a stick.

We immediately gave Kevin a bath after that walk (right after I vommited and took a shower myself). We brushed and flossed his little razor teeth and helped him gargle with Listerine.

I assumed it was on one time thing. You know, like a curious teenager experimenting with alcohol.

Wishful thinking.

Last night Kevin woke me up to go outside in the middle of the night. I typically keep my eyes open just a fraction of a centimeter on these mid-night potty trips so I can quickly fall back asleep. (Sometimes I don't even remember making the trip outside.) I remember last night's nightmare. When I squinted down to see if Kevin was finished, to my horror I realized that he was in the middle of a midnight snack.

So much for my 40-winks.

We may need to get professional help. Does anyone know if there's local chapter of Coprophagia Anonymous?

"My name is Kevin. I like to eat poop."

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  1. Oh Lou! I am torn: am laughing and feeling sad for you. : ) I am sure you will find many "solutions". In my experience, look at what he is eating - is it nutritious enough? Is he getting enough to eat? You may want to change his food and up the amount you are giving him.
    The other thing would be to take away the source so to speak. Make sure you "pick up the poop" he deposits in your yard and keep him on a short leash while walking. I would also always keep doggie treats in your pocket at all times so that you can tell him no or drop it or whatever and then praise him when he does.
    You can do it!! You are alpha dog - not him.
    Tiffany : )