Friday, September 11, 2009

Campground Facilities

I used to love camping. (That’s past-tense.) I loved most everything about camping: putting up the tent, making the campfire, cooking hot-dogs, and sleeping outside. What I did not enjoy were the campground bathroom facilities.

Of course, there are several tiers of campgrounds. The rustic campgrounds' bathroom facilities are located behind bushes and require squatting. Male readers may not be able to relate to this, but aiming while squatting can be particularly challenging and potentially messy. Then there's the wiping. What to use? Leaves? If you do, remember the oh-so-important poem by Robert Frost called 'A Leak in the Woods':
Leaves of Three. Let them be.

One step up from rustic campgrounds are campgrounds with outhouses. Although I have on desperate occasions been forced to utilize these 'rooms', I will never be able to do so again after having seen the move Slumdog Millionaire.

The better campgrounds have indoor facilities with showers. For those of you who have never experienced such campground shower facilities, let me describe them. They are remarkably consistent from campground to campground.

There's usually a shower curtain to allow for privacy while the camper 'enjoys' his/her shower. However, the curtain covers approximately 57% of the shower opening.

If you're lucky, there will be a bench for you to place your clothes on while showering. However, usually the bench is just large enough to hold 1 bar of soap. But hey! It's just not camping if your clean clothes don't get wet while you're showering.

The water is typically 40-60 degrees 'warm' and you share the shower with plenty of large insects. (Since the facilities are the only light source in a campground at night, every bug within a 5 mile radius is drawn to your shower.) It's really not a problem...unless you happen to wash off your mosquito repellent.

Yes. I used to love camping. Then I discovered featherbeds...and room service....and direct TV....and wine....


  1. "Then I discovered featherbeds...and room service....and direct TV....and wine...."

    At least you enjoy the important things in life.


  2. I think your first camping experience is important for your future--mine involved 10 6-year old girls. We arrived late (in the dark), slept in dirty cabins with spiders and mosquitos and squirrels. One girl peed in her sleeping bag. No one would use the outhouse--we had the squatting lesson as a group in the woods (why didn't their mothers teach them??) Thank God a tornado came through the next day so we got to leave early...My next two camping adventures involved heavy rain. bad bad bad

    I'm with you--big bed, TV, hot bath, wine, HOME!

    Keep writing!